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Upcoming Themes *

Intended for week of: Theme
April 29, 2018What's Blowing in the Wind?
May 6, 2018Mother's Day
May 13, 2018We Dig It
May 20, 2018Memorial Day
May 27, 2018Summer Camp and Activities
June 3, 2018Myths
June 10, 2018Father's Day
June 17, 2018Battle of Gettysburg

* Themes subject to change

Select Past Themes

  January 2015   April 2015
4th   Sharing Ideas! (10-Year Anniversary / Publishing)   5th   Earth Day - 45 Years
11th   Winter Warm-Up   12th   Spring Cleaning
18th   President's Day (Lincoln)   19th   Baseball Time!
25th   Groundhog Day (and Super Bowl)   26th   Play On Words
    February 2015       May 2015
1st   Valentine's Day   3rd   Mother's Day
8th   Chinese New Year   10th   Inventors and Discovery
15th   In Lands of Cold and Snow   17th   Memorial Day
22nd   African-American Life in Books   24th   Summer Reading
        31st   Going to Camp?
    March 2015       June 2015
1st   Arts are Alive!   7th   Super Heroes!
8th   St. Patrick's Day   14th   Father's Day
15th   Good Nutrition   21st   Mysterious Moon & Stars
22nd   Appomattox (Civil War History)   28th   Independence Day!
29th   Happy Easter        

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