A lively, educational family feature proudly published every week by community newspapers like yours.

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What is Newspaper Fun?

Newspaper Fun is a weekly, flexible-format activity page with original puzzles, cartoons and games – all with an underlying educational framework that encourages reading. It's aimed at kids, but adults enjoy it just as much.

Each week's page explores a different theme, which closely links to both editorial calendars and school curriculum. For example, we run pages the cover seasonal changes, major holidays and big current events such as the Olympics.

Our focus is on culture, traditions and history – all with a sense of humor and fun, and a spirit that encourages learning, responsibility and community involvement.

As a subscriber you can easily download the feature in PDF or JPG format, and in multiple formats ranging from 10" × 15.5" down to 10" × 7.75" – so it can fit in your newspaper even as editorial space contracts and expands from week to week.

How will Newspaper Fun benefit my newspaper?

Newspaper Fun appeals directly to families. Parents and kids will seek out your newspaper, keep it in the home longer, interact with it and notice adjacent ads. In the short term, you'll attract readers and advertisers and, in the long term, you'll nurture your next generation of readers.

To underscore your commitment to encouraging reading, you'll also be providing your readers with access to our free online reading club. ReadingClubFun.com is a web resource with puzzles and games, book reviews, and tips, tools and downloadable reading logs and certificates that adults can use to encourage good reading habits in kids.